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We take pride in our reputation and credibility, as a comprehensive referring diagnostics laboratory. Here, we feature some of our latest laboratory equipments. Because of our cutting-edge technology, our diagnostics services are meticulously done at a much higher level of efficiency. This allows us to have a turn-around rate that is VERY FAST!

Asiatic Medical Laboratories, Inc. is organized into the following divisions:

Allergies Department: tests various allergens for allergy conditions and asthma. Because we value the suggestions of our clients, we celebrated our 30th year by adding the UniCAP 100 allergy instrument to our list of technology.

Cardiovascular Department: offers a host of non-invasive cardiac procedures. In addition to the ECG monitoring equipment, we detect heart problems using our first-class Tread Mill Stress Test and our top-of-the-line 2-D Echo (with color flow Doppler).

Chemistry Department: caters to the routine examination of Sugar, Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN), Uric Acid, Creatinine, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Kidney Function Tests, Liver Function Tests, etc. This year, we have included the very latest state-of-the-art Roche invention, INTEGRA 400, as well as the Olympus AU600, in addition to our ionized Calcium Analyzer and our Bio-Rad Analyzer for HBA1c tests.

Special Chemistry Department: runs tests to detect various kinds of Cancer and Hormones, using biomarkers, the ACS 180 from Bayer, and the IMMULITE chemiluminescent immunoassay system from DPC. Established biomarkers now provide clinicians with information that is useful in risk assessment, detection, diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring patients with cancer.

Hematology Department: tests Complete Blood Count (CBC), Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR), Platelets, Reticulocytes and different blood cells, with the aid of computerized analyzers. We utilize Coulter JT and Micros Hematology analyzer as the main force which support our efficiency.

Hepatitis Studies Department: examines hepatitis cases by using the latest IMx and AxSYM enzyme immunoassay technology from Abbott. This method quantitativly and qualitatively determines hepatitis antigens & antibodies in serum. We also look into cases for the presence of hepatitis A, B , C , and D.

Microbiology Department: analyzes different kinds of bacteria to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases.

Clinical Microscopy Department: checks routine urine and stool exams, microalbumin, as well as pregnancy tests.

Off-site Client Care: performs home services for the convenience of the general public, which is a tradition for Asiatic Medical Laboratories, Inc. Equipped with the convenience of car and telephone services. Our medical technologists have been reaching out to our communities everyday, since we began in 1970.

X-ray Department: has an inhouse screening system as well as a self-contained Mobile X-ray bus, which goes to remote corporate sites that require physical check ups with X-rays, ECG, and blood exam.

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