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The system operates at 1200 tests per hour (800 photometric, 1200 with ISE). The system consolidates testing for routine serum and urine chemistry, STATS, ISE, TDM, DAT, thyroids, and esoteric tests with an on-board menu of 51items. The AU600 micro sampling and reagent dispense capabilities enable it to use as little as 150 uL of reagent per test The micro sampling probe is idea1 for pediatric samples and can use as little as 100uL of serum for a 20 test panel.

The AU600 can accommodate 5, 7, and 10 mL primary sample tubes with and without bar codes. Various size sample aliquot tubes and pediatric sample tubes can also be used. The AU600 is a sample rack based system allowing for 150 sample to be loaded at one time. The AU600 independent STAT Processing Module can accommodate the same sample tubes mentioned above with and without bar codes. The STAT Processing Module can accept STAT samples while routine samples are being processed for real time STAT interrupt. The computer tracks the location and status of each sample as it is processed.

The instrument offers automatic repeat run with three options for specimen handling, repeat neat, diluted or concentrated. The automated repeat also employs true reflex testing for improved turn around time and reduced operating costs by automatically repeating clinically significant tests associated with the initial flagged results. The reflex tests and the repeat run parameters are all user defined providing complete flexibility for repeat testing.

The software employs pop-up windows and user friendly displays. The system employs reagent bar coding to track and display reagent inventory, on-board stability, reagent lot number, expiration date, and calibration stability.

Maintenance is minimized and automated. The system uses permanent glass reaction cuvettes and positive displacement pipetting reagent dispense.

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